Best ways to finally lose your lower abdominal fat

In this article, we are addressing the issue of lower abdominal fat. This can be quite frustrating as you have been training hard, dieting for weeks, making consistent ongoing progress, you entire body looks really lean but you still have this last issue to sort out of lower stomach fat that will not seem to go away no matter what you do.

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healthy-dish-1Well, it may not be the answer that you were hoping to hear that this is the dead simple reality and that this that there are no special techniques or special strategies that will specifically allow you to target your lower belly fat.

The only way to get rid of this kind of belly fat is by continuing with your fat loss program and focusing on lowering your overall body fat percentage.

It is impossible to for you to spot reduce fat of specific areas on your body. The resistance exercises that you perform in the gym only train the muscles that are involved in the specific movements that you are performing, but this has no effect on the fat stores in and around the area that you are training. For example, Bench presses to not burn fat off of your chest, bicep curls do not burn fat off of your biceps and lower ab exercises do not burn fat from your lower abs.

Fat loss only occurs on a holistic total body scale as you maintain a net calorie deficit over time through proper nutrition and increased activity level. Due to the way that our bodies are genetically programmed to store fat the very last area where fat will be burnt off is the lower abdominal region.

joggingSo, just because you have some excess fat remaining on your lower stomach it doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong or that there is a specific fat burning technique that you aren’t properly employing.

All it really means is that you haven’t lowered your overall body fat percentage far enough. The only solution is to stick to your diet plan, keep hammering the weight and stay consistent with your cardio.

Losing your lower abdominal fat is really just about patience and perseverance. Now, if your lower fat burning progress has plateaued then you need to create a larger calorie deficit in order to stimulate fat loss. You can achieve this by either shaving one or two hundred calories off of your daily intake, increasing your activity level with some additional cardio exercise or through some combination of both.

As, you continue to lean down further and further, eventually that lower abdominal fat will begin to melt away.

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