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(written by Jonathan Taylor)

My Personal Experience With Bowflex Equipment

First, I would like to introduce myself as I am a fitness professional and I train a lot of clients that have a lot of skill sets in different fitness levels. I also run a blog which offers Bowflex coupon codes.

In this small article I would like to introduce to you a brand new piece of equipment made by Bowflex, which is a brand name of a wide range of cardio and strength fitness equipment and athletic products. Bowflex as a manufacturer offers a big selection of home fitness products and focuses on a healthy lifestyle and healthy activity. This new fitness device I am describing in this article is called UpperCut and I have just started using it with my clients.

Read more about a wide range of exercise equipment and fitness devices that will help you burn fat, build muslces and obtain an athletic, ripped and sculpted physique in the peace and seclusion of your own home.

What Is The Bowflex UpperCut

coupons for bowflexThe Bowflex UpperCut is an innovative upper-body and core section training device that gives you the opportunity to practise a wide variety of push-ups. You can do Classic Push-ups, Bird Dog Push-ups, Spider Push-ups, Alternating Push-ups, One-Handed Push-ups and Diamond Push-ups. In addition to this wide range of push-ups, The Bowflex UpperCut allows you do practice over 30 exercises like the:

1) “Pikes” that give you amazing abdominals and very strong shoulders,

2) “Dives” that train your core section and your Lats

3) “Flys” that really give mass and growth on your chest

What Can You Do With It

What I really love about it is that I can incorporate it in an existing program that my clients already have. So, if you are a fitness enthusiast, man or a woman and you are practicing a circuit training, the device is a very effective, practical and with immediate results fitness apparatus to use. Even more, you can also opt to a full-body workout with the Bowflex UpperCut and use it just individually on your own.

Some of the key features are that it is light which means that you can choose to do your workout at home or take it with you in the gym and practice there as well. Additionally, at the bottom you will notice that there are some resistance bands and you can adjust your resistance whenever you do your workout. As you get stronger you can take off less resistance and just focus more on your body’s strength.

There are some locking components as well that adjust the legs of the UpperCut for some of its different exercises.

My Favorite Exercises

My three favorite exercises that you can do in the UpperCut relate to both the upper and the middle body/core section.

The first upper body exercise is called “Fly” and you have to put your chest on top of the pad, you grab the grips at the bottom and you slowly lower your body to the floor as you pull the grips to the sides. My knees are off the ground which is very importance for maximum results since a lot of people when they do push-ups in these kinds of movements they have the tendency to put their knees of the floor. Such a move does not give you the full effect of the exercise.

The second upper body exercise with the Bowflex UpperCut™ trains the chest. So, I am just putting the chest on the pad, my hands touch straight down the floor and my knees are off the ground. In this exercise, I am lowering my body to the floor.

The third exercise focuses on my core section and first, I have to lock the legs of the device using the locking components that are at the bottom. By locking the legs I have managed to stabilize the whole equipment. Now, I am placing my body on a “Plank” position with my legs on top. I am pulling the device towards my stomach with my legs and it very effectively engages my core section. Such exercise helps me build a sculpted and ripped middle section on my body.

So, this is the Bowflex UpperCut which my clients love it, they definitely feel the workout when the finish and the definitely see some incredible results on their body.

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