Lose Weight the Technology Way: 5 iPhone Weight Loss Apps

Being overweight can lead to many problems, most notably health problems which can eventually become serious. There are many people that recognise this potential danger and are keen to shed the pounds and get down to a healthier weight. There are also many people that simply want to feel more confident in themselves, and this is something else that can often be done through losing weight.

However, whatever your reasons for losing weight, and no matter how much determination and stamina you have, it can be very difficult to succeed if you are going it alone. This is why many people equip themselves with valuable tools and resources that can motivate, help, and encourage them. A range of iPhone apps are now available that can do just this, and these simple, convenient, and affordable apps could make a huge difference to the end result of your weight loss program.

5 apps that can help you lose weight

1. Fast Food Calorie Counter

Going on a diet when you love your fast food can be incredibly difficult, and the same for those that spend a lot of time on the road and often have little choice other than to pop into one of the local fast food joints for a bite to eat. However, weight loss does not mean that you cannot ever go into a fast food establishment again – it just means that you have to cut back on fast food and try and go for healthier options.

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The Fast Food Calorie Counter is a very useful app for people that find themselves eating in fast food eateries a lot. This app provides tens of thousands of menu items from dozens of fast food places. You can quickly check all of the nutritional values for the food items that are in the database, which means that you can make a more informed decision on what you can or should eat. The app will also allow you to log and track calories, fat, carbs, and other nutrients that have been consumed over the course of the day. You can download this app for just $0.99 from iTunes or the Apple App Store.

 2. Absolute Fitness

Many people keep a food diary when trying to lose weight, and whilst this can be very effective it can also be time consuming and cumbersome. The Absolute Fitness app provides you with a far more convenient and simply facility through which to log both your activity levels and your food consumption, and to make sure that you stay on track. It also allows you to easily monitor your progress over time.

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This app has comprehensive databases that have a vast range of exercises and foods, which you will quickly and efficiently add to your daily food and exercise log. You can also check on the intake of calories, fat, carbohydrate, and a range of other nutrients. Being able to track and monitor your intake of calories and nutrients is invaluable when it comes to staying on track, and being able to monitor your progress ensures that you are motivated to keep on going. All of this is doable with Absolute Fitness, without a notepad, diet book, or calorie counting chart in sight! The app costs $4.99 from iTunes or the Apple App Shop, which is a small price to pay for the many features that you will benefit from.

The Food Scanner

The Food Scanner is a revolutionary and innovative iPhone app that makes checking and logging nutritional information easier than ever before. This app works via the camera on your iPhone, and all you have to do is scan the UPC code on food packaging using the camera facility on the phone. This will then bring up a complete list of nutrients for the relevant item of food. Even more convenient is the fact that the app then logs all of the nutritional information for you, so you can focus on weight loss rather than on crunching numbers.

There are over 200,000 food items on the Food Scanner database, and for foods that don’t have a UPC code you can simply type in the name and still get the relevant nutritional information – in fact you can view the entire nutrition label without going to any trouble. The app also provides a facility to add new foods by uploading a photo and entering the UPC code, which means that the database is growing on a continual basis. This app can prove invaluable to those wanting to lose weight without wasting time, and it costs just $4.99 from iTunes or from the Apple App Store.

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Body Values Light

When you are on a healthy eating plan and you are exercising in order to lose weight it is vital that you do not let your health slip, and it is important to keep things such as your BMI (Body Mass Index), blood pressure, pulse rate, and weight loss/movement in check. The Body Values Light app for the iPhone is a tool that will analyse and document these values, and will also provide recommendations on what the values should be.

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This is an app that will serve as a one stop, invaluable resource to help you monitor not only your weight but also other important areas so that you can track any changes in factors such as blood pressure or BMI changes at a glance. Having values like these documented, and with graphs and visual aids that allow you to monitor changes, means that you can keep a far closer eye on how your diet and exercise is affecting your body. This is something that is often overlooked by people who are focussing purely on how their diet and exercise regime affects their weight. You have nothing to lose by making use of this useful app, as you can download it for free from iTunes or the Apple Apps Store.

True Weight

 The True Weight app for the iPhone is a high tech weight-tracking app with a difference. If you simply weigh yourself on the scales what you see is what you get, as it were. However, if you then enter your weight using the True Weight app on the iPhone this app will factor out any natural variations to show you your true weight.

In addition to giving you a more precise reading on your actual weight, this app provides monthly and weekly weight change data, which allows for more effective tracking of weight changes. This is a twenty-eight day weight chart, with both metric and imperial units for your convenience. Very simple to use, yet very effective, the app also provides a useful graph detailing your weight change, so you can see at a glance how well (or not, as the case may be) your weight loss is progressing. This can provide a confidence boost and encouragement (if you are doing well) or can motivate you to make changes towards improvement (if it does not look so good). The app is great value for money at just $0.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes or the Apple App store.

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Each of the described apps here has something incredibly useful to offer, from encouraging advice and support to providing you with nutritional values, allowing you to monitor your progress, and even working out your menus for you. What I really like about these apps is that they take all of the hassle and inconvenient out of trying to lose weight, which as any dieter will know can be a weight off the shoulders!

Guest Author: This article is written by Rahul, a strong believer in healthy living, and a keen supporter of healthy eating, which is why he features in his blog discount opportunities for best diet plans, such as a promotion code for ediets. With the many health problems that can stem from obesity – which is a growing problem in this day and age – his goal is to provide valuable information, access to resources, and information about tools that are designed to help those that want to lose weight and improve their health and confidence.


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