Start your day with 4 quick and healthy breakfast choices

Many of you are asking what are some simple, quick and healthy breakfast choices I can have before school, work or any other activity in the morning. In this article, I am showing four (4) of the most popular choices. Believe it or not, they are actually quick and they only take 5 minutes in the morning.

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#1 Over-night Oats

For Over-night Oats you are going to need some yogurt, some milk – Organic or Almond – and some fruit. So, we are adding a third of cup of Oats, a third of cup of Almond Milk and a third of cup of Yogurt. Now, you can really get creative with the next part as you can add some apple, you can add some nuts, some bananas and in the end you can sweeten it with some honey.

You put all these ingredients in a jar from the previous night, you keep the overnight in the fridge and they are ready for you to take them in the morning. It only takes you a little bit of time to get them ready the night before.

In the video below, you can watch a nutrition specialist giving a list of  the six worst foods you should strictly avoid for breakfast and she also recommends some good and healthy alternative ideas to start you day with.

#2 English Muffins

Let’s say that you did not have time to prepare the “Over-night Oats” or you forgot and now it is you have to make your breakfast first thing in the morning. You take some English Muffins that are toasted and you put Peanut Butter on these and also some organic blueberry jam on top of the Peanut Butter.

They have 30 calories per serving. Instead of the English Muffins you can use two slices of toast which are definitely more cost-efficient. Muffins are delicious but they are expensive. On the other hand they are the best choice for winter because they really make you feel better.

#4 Eggs with Chicken sausage

If you do not want to have something sweet and go for something Savory you can choose Eggs with Chicken sausage. In a bowl, you are whipping up one egg with one chicken sausage cut in slices and you also pour some milk in the bowl. Then, you put the bowl in the microwave for one minute.

However, if you have time to do this in the oven, by all means do this. If, on the other hand you are in a hurry to leave your house prefer the microwave option. You can also have a banana with this breakfast option.

In the video below, you can watch a fitness expert describing a list of healthy, delicious, weight-loss breakfast choices that will help you shed those extra pounds and also start your day full of energy, strength amd vitality to cope with your day’s commitments.

#4 Fruit Muesli

Fruit Muesli which is Whole Grain Cereal with Dried Fruits is lower in sugar that Granola which means that you can have a bigger portion for the same amount of calories. This food is like “Over-night Oats” except that you do not have to prepare them the night before.

Let’s say that you get up from you bed, you are running late, you do not have breakfast ready what you do is that you add in a jar some milk or yogurt and you are adding some Fruit Muesli. Eventually, you have your delicious breakfast cereals that are lower in sugar but it will also make you feel full because it is not this garbage breakfast cereals that you typically get.

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