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Mark Pearson of MyVoucherCodes

Mark Pearson of MyVoucherCodes

“Recession has been very positive to us because it encourages more people to save money. Looking for discounts and coupon codes is not seen as cheap or tucky.  To the contrary, you are seen as being cool and clever”. Mark Pearson, CEO and founder of

The story of young successful entrepreneur Mark Pearson began back in 2006, when at the age of 27 he started his own business My Voucher Codes. He created a website containing the list with all available retail and discount vouchers.

In 2008., the year when the recession started and at the time people in the UK who were not prone to using vouchers and coupons like the people in US, pressed by the crisis started looking for a way to reduce their costs, his website became a real hit.

In it’s first year the company had a turnover of 300.000 pounds, and it continued to grow over the years. Today, My Voucher Codes is one of the most popular discount websites in the UK, and Mark Pearson has made a fortune.

The foundation of his business model lies in the commission My Voucher Code gets every time someone uses a coupon listed on the website. Meaning, every time someone buys something in a store or an online shop using the code from My Voucher Codes, the company gets a commission.

Today Mark’s business model is used by over 60.000 companies in the UK, United States, France and Germany, and only in UK there are 6 million people subscribed to his weekly offers, which clearly indicates that this is a very successful business idea.

When he started the company, Mark didn’t go to stores and restaurants asking to put their discount vouchers on his website, instead he was searching for vouchers online and he became a member of many affiliate marketing groups where online retailers were offering their coupon codes and promo deals, and he started to offer those on his website for a commission.

This idea was born while Mark was still running his florist business. One day he was contacted by a flower company and asked if he could put their discount code banners on his website which had decent amount of traffic, so they offered him a commission for every sale they would make through those banners.

After he sold My Voucher Codes for 55 million pounds, Mark turned to investing in new companies and new ideas.

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How A Coupon Helped Me Improve My Immune System

Online Bargains For Supplements

I had problems with my immune system all my life and I wanted a treatment that will work and improve my lifestyle. I have tried a lot of different pills and treatments but nothing worked. My immune system was weak, I was getting sick all the time and I had high blood pressure. I tried a lot of different medicine. Pills, syrups, and other treatments but nothing worked. I really wanted to find something that will help and be right for me and also something that is natural and healthy. I made my research on various health related websites to get the necessary information about how I could improve my health. It was obvious that I had to supplement myself, but after navigating through various vitamin shops I realized that I would need a whole budget for this purpose. Luckily, I found a coupon that saves me 20% off the cost every time I order. promoSunvite Super High Potency Vitamin D3

One day I stumbled across Puritan’s Pride Sunvite Super High Potency Vitamin D3 2000IU and it is magic, it does wonders. This pill really helps me feel so much better. It has helped me maintain healthy bones, improve my immune system a lot, and it has helped me to reduce blood pressure naturally. This is a very good treatment because it is natural. It is not like other pills on the market where are filled with chemicals. These pills are 100% natural and they are very good for your body. By using these pills you save up a lot of money and you know that your health will be at its best.

My Impressions

After I ordered this product by using a puritans coupon it came right away. The shipping and services are top notch. This product is worth every penny. It really help you improve your health and be a happier person overall. We must be healthy. Overall I recommend this product very much. It is a great medicine for everyone that wants to live healthier. With these discount deals the company sends out, it is not expensive; it is natural and it will help you greatly. Every penny you invest is worth it 100%. Stop using all of the market medicine that are not good for you and start and use natural medicine like this one. Also, you shouldn’t worry about the cost so much. Subscribe to in order to receive weekly bargains and coupons.

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Products For Your Pet With The 2015 Vitacost Promo Code is a multi product e-shop which offers products from different supplement and health food companies like Arrowhead Mills, Eden Foods, Nature’s Way, Source Naturals, Optimum Nutrition, 123 Gluten Free, 2:1 Protein Bars, 22 Days Nutrition, 360 Cut, 479 Degrees, Avalon Organics and hundreds more. For all categories and products customers can use a vitacost promo code 2015 to get a better price. The site has a line of pet products, as well.

Pet Products

Pets are an extended part of our family that provides protection and companionship. It would be a great benefit to help them out as much as we can. It is only fair to give them the same natural products that we get. Vitacost has high quality, low cost, and environmentally friendly products that we provide for you, from pet supplies, pet food, and pet treats.

Vitacost Arthopower for Pets Bacon FlavorVitacost Arthopower for Pets Bacon Flavor

Animals experience the same age associated changes in humans, especially in their joints. The wear and tear can lead to deterioration of their joint cartilage, which will lead to painful conditions. The Vitacost Arthopower for Pets will help increase the glucosamine, chondritine, and manganese to ensure healthier joints. It comes with a promotional coupon so that you can buy a 2nd one at 50% discount.

Citrus Magic Pet Odor Eliminator

The all natural citrus magic pet odor eliminator is 100% environmentally friendly, has a light lemon scent, and is 100% composed of natural vegetable enzymes that will quickly destroy odor and remove tough stains. You can get it with free shipping if you combine it with any vitacost coupon.

Kaytee Sunflower Hearts and Chips Bird Seed

The Kaytee Sunflower Hearts and Chips Bird Seed will help attract a variety of birds. The high oil content also offers nutritious food that leaves no seed hulls under the feeder. Don’t forget to type a vitacost discount code at checkout to enjoy 10% off.

HBH Frog and Tadpole Bites

The Frog and Tadpole Bites is the only pelleted frog diet that is available in the market. The morsels are safe and attractive to aquatic frogs and developing tadpoles and are designed for a frog’s delicate digestive system while also providing the imperative nutrients for their growth.

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